Additional SERVICES


In addition to any core or enhanced offer for schools we also provide a range of additional support services as detailed below.

Curriculum Support

Team Teaching – By supporting staff in situ, they can develop their knowledge, skills and confidence within real-life situations, better equipping them to implement their learning within their PE delivery. Activity areas available for team teaching: Games, Dance, Athletics and Gymnastics.

Specialist CPD

Where schools have a specific need for training, we can support and arrange appropriate training opportunities to take place within your school. This could be within an inset day or as a twilight session.


Providing enrichment opportunities for pupils or delivering the national curriculum outcomes for PE, our PPA cover places pupil progress at the forefront of all such work in schools. Our coaches use Assessment For Learning core tasks in order to create a baseline for all pupils in each area of delivery. Pupil progress is essential and we use a formative assessment mode to track pupil achievement against the national curriculum expectations.

Foundation Stage Support – We can provide a range of physical activity programmes aimed at the Foundation Stage ranging from Physical Education delivery to our cycle bugs balance bike programme, mini-wigglers dance sessions and our active/ soccer tots programme.

Cycling Development

Additional cycling support can be provided by our team of expert instructors. We have a range of bicycles available to bring into schools if required including a set of balance bikes aimed at young people who can not ride. We can deliver cycling support including balance bike sessions, learn to ride programmes, basic cycling skills and bike maintenance workshops.

Fundraising Support

We are able to manage and deliver a range of events within schools to support with fundraising for your school or P.T.A. Events can be themed to make them more engaging for students to take part, as well as the activities being active and worthwhile from a participation point of view.

Sports Day/ Festival Delivery

Staff would be provided to plan these events with your school, as well as overseeing delivery on the day. This could include your traditional sports day, or perhaps add in additional opportunities for your children at different parts of the year.


Our PESS Apprenticeship programme provides an opportunity for schools to benefit from well trained, motivated and cost effective members of staff, who can increase the schools capacity to deliver. Schools can mould the apprentice into a fit for purpose member of the school staff team.

In addition to the Level 2 in Supporting Teaching and Learning within PE, our apprentices are encouraged to undertake a sport specific qualification. Suitable candidates/schools are then encouraged to further their apprenticeship onto Level 3. Within 1-2 years, and for a similar cost of PPA/OSHL delivery, schools could have a full-time member of support staff suitable to deliver these sessions internally.