About Us

NW Active


NWActive is led by a small group of passionate individuals, Sarah Warrington and Rory Leggett, who were the Partnership Development Manager and Sport Operations Manager respectively.

NWActive is now in a position to offer bespoke projects, for schools and community organisations, allowing us to support you in meeting the needs of our communities and schools within them.

NW Active


Building on the work done as NWSSP we will continue to inspire and develop a legacy of physical activity and sporting opportunities for the children of today, and the adults of tomorrow, through a network of high quality support and best value services to schools.

NW Active


We are truly grateful for all of the support provided by the Queen Elizabeth Academy during our transition to NWActive Community Foundation. Changes to the site with the new build mean we have relocated to the Pingles Athletics Stadium in Nuneaton. This provides us with the opportunity to work closer with Nuneaton Harriers to inspire more active young people across the area.